Career Opportunities with Semantic Software

Semantic Software is a small, flat, dynamic, and diverse organisation, consisting of three expert researchers, six senior developers, one senior infrastructure engineer and four highly experienced senior management personnel.

Collaboration is our prerogative; we ensure that everyone from all aspects of the organisation is an available resource. We promote active involvement in projects of any type from all members of our close-knit team, be they marketing for global conferences or semantic platform releases.

We pride ourselves on cultural diversity, both personal and organisational. With at least fourteen men and women from eight different countries, we are privileged with a breadth of experience and input from disparate backgrounds. This diversity has seen great success throughout the development of our bespoke semantic computing platform, as well as the development of our own internal culture.

Flexibility is important in everyone’s life, and at Semantic Software we recognise this means in all aspects of your work life, career, and personal life. Balance is key, so we promote flexibility to ensure that our staff are happy and stress free, without losing their valuable input.

Semantic Software is a place where you’re valuable and a vital cog in our engaging working environment. You’ll be pleased to call Semantic Software your home away from home.

Join the Technology Leader

At Semantic Software, employees are provided with an opportunity, we believe, that you cannot find anywhere else in Australia, to truly work at the forefront in the world of emerging technologies. This opportunity has been reinforced a number of times by many of Australia's leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts describing us as one of the only places in Australia where you can work on in leading edge research in the AI software environment.

The flat organisational structure of Semantic Software provides a culture that supports some of the most exciting projects in this technology space. Employees are able to collaborate with each other and develop solutions that are considered the most important technology to operationalise the future of the Internet of Things and Big Data exploiting AI, Cognitive and Semantic computing.


If you believe you are a suitable employee and you're confident you can add value to our organisation, please forward a relevant cover letter and a copy of your most recent resume for our review to

Recent Positions Filled

  • Senior Java Developer
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • General Manager of Solution Development
  • General Manager of Marketing
  • Senior Software Developer
  • User Experience Engineer


Availabilities on the Horizon

As the need for Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly apparent, and the use of contextually analysed data via a Semantic Interoperability Platform is recognised amongst an increasing number of industries, Semantic Software will continue to grow at a significant rate. Since 2011, we have 16 people working in our Headquarters and Research & Development Centre in North Sydney.

Please keep an eye out for positions which will be published in the future on our website as well as via the company's LinkedIn and Facebook pages.