The Semantic Academy is a Division within Semantic Software Asia Pacific Pty Limited (SSAP) and was created in 2012. The Academy’s objectives are to provide semantic computing education and skills transfer to a variety of audiences.

The key functions of the Academy are to develop and conduct training workshops for potential and existing clients. There is a clear emphasis on working with the attendees to help them understand semantic solution and help them address their specific data analytics projects requirements

To support this workshop series, we have developed a number of initiatives including breakfast briefings, industry conference papers, industry luncheon forums, as well as half day customised workshops.

SSAP has a number of strategic alliance partners, and we have developed a number of pre sales and post sales training courses that can have customised content, around our Semantic Computing platform.

Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Semantic Computing are increasingly popular topics at Tertiary level institutions. These topics are applicable for STEM and IT based courses, business and commercial programs, and have a key role in MBA schools in subjects around business intelligence, predictive modelling, analytics and key decision making.

We have conducted a number of Executive Breakfasts for senior management, as well as Semantic Training workshops for Government and commercial organisations and our technical team have presented at a number of external technical conferences focusing on IoT, Big Data and AI. Our team consists of very experienced business consultants, ex-employees from key IT vendors in data analytics companies and adjunct lecturers from institutions in NSW and Victoria.

The team have developed course content and supporting materials for Tertiary Institutions that are keen to augment their current courses with industry-focused content, and topics of future importance to Industry and Government. We are working with the AIIA Education SIG to support their initiatives in Tertiary education segment to expand industry based content their curriculum.

Available in two locations or on request

Academy Key Lecturers and Speakers

  • Bob Connell

    Semantic Academy Convenor

    "Driving the company's Semantic Academy allows me to teach the next generation of software leaders"

  • Don Tonkin

    Chief Technology Officer

    "I did not expect to be, once again, challenging myself at the forefront of a technology and Semantic Computing is the next generation of computing"

  • Dung Xuan Thi (a.k.a. Dzung) Le

    Chief Data Scientist

    "An evolutionary enterprise of big data is when both syntax and semantics come together"

Keynote Speaker and Presentations

The Semantic Software team have developed a variety of presentations to suit a number of scenarios including presentations at clients’ management meetings, external technical and non-technical conferences. The presentations could support the agenda flow in conferences with the focus on topics as diverse as digital disruptions and transformation, through to events with the focus on the benefits of “Internet of things“ to specific focus on data mining, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence.

Semantic computing, as a data mining tool could also be applicable to most industry vertical themed events, as there are significant projects using semantic computing in medical research for cancer and diabetes, commercial organisations wanting to link silos of diverse customer data to create 360-degree view of customer interactions. Many organizations are keen to focus on regulatory reporting requirements that are designed to help prevent identity theft, financial fraud, and in the finance industry there are projects on money laundering, and terrorist financing.