Product 2

Ontocuro Pruner

The Pruner enables a person with little or no ontological expertise to safely prune unneeded concepts while maintaining the integrity of the ontology.

They will then be able to study the effects of removing elements from the ontology before committing to their removal and finally save the pruned ontology as a new ontology

Ontocuro Validator

The Validator performs an evaluation of an ontology's integrity. Users may choose one or more validation rules to run against an ontology, and then view or download the report detailing the results.

Product 3
Product 2

Ontocuro Library

The Library is a central repository where all ontologies used by the Semantiro Platform are stored.

It can store the putative ontology created by the Semantiro Processor from an original database and its schema.

The Library can also contain domain specific ontologies the users wish to use, uploaded from the public domain. There are a number of public domain sources available, e.g. Stanford, DAML & FIBO.

  • Collaborate

    • Designed to encourage and deliver collaboration based projects with central repository
    • Allows wider community of data specialist to contribute to ontologies
  • Store

    • Central repository for all versions of ontologies
  • Manipulate

    • Significantly improve data scientist productivity with visual tools and menu driven approach
    • Allows wider skill profile of data specialist to management
  • Corroborate

    • Eliminates errors with version control of all ontologies
    • Minimise validation of ontologies

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